Join our Projects, Facilities & Construction (PF&C) group!

The PF&C Special Interest Group is looking for someone to help set up and run the PF&C program in the southern part of Calgary.

This person would be involved in helping find a location for the monthly talks, finding speakers, chairing the presentations and coordinating with the downtown group.

It typically only takes a few hours a month and is a lot of fun meeting the speakers and the audience.

For more information about being a part of this dynamic group, please contact Bent Nielsen at:

Email: bent.nielsen@wspgroup.com



SPE Canada Events

SPE/CSPG Introduction to Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences

21-24 November  2016
Calgary, AB

SPE and CSPG have co-created a bootcamp style training course for anyone who wants to better
understand petroleum focused engineering and geosciences.

This course introduces tools and techniques used by engineers and geologists to identify oil and gas plays.
It describes how wells are drilled and explains how the production cycle is completed.

Days 1/2: Geosciences
Days 3/4: Basic Petroleum Engineering