• Unplugged 360: Enhancing Your Employability

    In what remains a difficult and challenging local employment market, candidates need to do everything they can in order to stand out from the competition and succeed in getting an interview, let alone a job offer. This session will provide some practical tips and guidance on how to improve your own employability. The focus will be on improving your CV so you can effectively sell yourself to prospective employers, utilising social media, in particular LinkedIn for better effect, and you can prepare more effectively for a job interview. The session will also provide a direction towards career management/development.

  • 2017 SPE KOREA SECTION Distinguished Lecture

    “Prediction and Management of Fines Migration for Enhanced Oil & Gas Production”

    Lecturer: Pavel Bedrikovetsky

    Time: 18 APR 2017 1600-1700
    Place: Energy Resources Laboratory, 135-209, Seoul National University