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  • YP Simplified Series – Entrepreneurship: our greatest asset or our current downfall?

    Speaker: Neil Sims, VP Europe CIS Region EXPRO.

    With the first major oil or gas finds arriving in 1964-65 it would take until the oil crisis of the early 1970s for the industry to gather momentum. Flares, platforms and side burns had different meanings, but the price of oil?
    In January 1973 it was $23 per barrel in today’s money. By January 1974 it would rise
    and stay between $50-58 for over 4 yrs – remarkable similarities to today.
    Entrepreneurial risk had the same meaning as today, but perhaps meant something
    different to that generation. Using our rich heritage of entrepreneurship in the context of today’s challenges, Neil will question:
    • Are we thinking with the same entrepreneurial spirit and really looking to transforming ourselves, OR
    • Are we just merely waiting for the market to act and for something else outside/ beyond our control?
    • In our organisations, have we lost the will or ability to allow people time to create and push their limits?
    • Have we become too task orientated or prescriptive to allow this space to exist?