Page Layouts

The page layout refers to the arrangement of the content items on a page.  Each content item is given a page code when it is created, based on the available content items according to the page layout as you see below.

The page layout can be changed by highlighting the webpage folder in the CMS on the Navigation side, then clicking on the Edit icon on the Navigation side.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a variable called "Page Layout" as seen below:

Select the page layout from one of the choices below.

Click Here to see an example of the content items layout in a "One over Two over Three" layout

Changing the Page Layout

Changing the page layout will enable you to display content items in specific positions on the webpage.  

So, first you select the page layout for each webpage, then create the content items and assign the numbers in the position and order you wish to see them displayed on the webpage.  (See Page Layout Options)

From the Edit Navigation/Page, go to Page Layout shown below and select one (See Page Layout Options for more details)