This guide is an introduction and “Getting Started” guide in using the new tool for editing and adding content to your section website.
NOTE: There may be parts of images in this guide that are not visible to you because of the level of your administrative access.

How does it work?  Always start with

In the CMS, remember folders = webpages on the Navigation page.

A "tree" of Page Folders (webpages) makes up the left side of the Navigation Page.

Notice the “+” and “-“ signs next to some folders (webpages). Click on these signs and you will expose or hide folders positioned under (or “nested” under) other folders. The folders with the +/- signs are referred to as Parent Folders, and those that are exposed or hidden when a “+/-“ sign is clicked are referred to as “child” folders.

Below you can see the folders/webpages under the Navigation side under Main Button Bar.  And the inset picture shows how those folders/webpages are displayed across the top navigation on the website.  

TIP: Hidden folders do not appear on the webpage unless you “un-hide” them on the Edit Navigation page.  (Go to “Edit Page layout and security permissions” from table of contents for more information)