User Controls

A “User Control” is a special type of Content Item that is a short segment of HTML code (or web service) that allows you to create and display Dynamic Content on your section’s website.  (Also referred to as “widgets” or as “web services”).  Some User Controls may already be applied to your section’s website.

“Parameters” are values of a User Control that allows you to modify how a User Control renders on a webpage (specifications of User Control).  Parameters include an "input": usually a number, a character string, or a true/false statement. The input provides the specific instruction for the modification made by the Parameter.

By adding the Parameter [NumberToShow="3"], to the Announcements User Control named [ws:Announcements] the User Control will show only three announcements on the webpage.

List of commonly used User Controls can be found here:

When Adding a User Control, a certain set of Parameters can be applied to it to indicate the specifics of the content item (for example- how many items displayed, how many characters per item are displayed, etc)

Parameters are applied to User Controls through a clickable Parameters List as seen below:

TIP: Parameters will only appear in the Parameter List when editing any existing Content Item

To see the Parameter List when adding a new Content Item, you must type the name of the Content Item in the “User Control class or path” field, SAVE, then Edit the Content Item and the applicable Parameters will appear.

By double-clicking on Parameters in the new Parameters List will move them into the User Control Parameters field where they will be active, following the inclusion of a valid value between the parentheses.

Parameter Values

When entering the values of the Parameters you set for each User Control, you must follow the syntax of the values.

True or False—Type either True or False between the “ “
Text—Type the letters and/or numbers that you want to appear for that parameter on the webpage
Key—An alphanumeric string in the URL of a particular webpage on your section website
Number—Type a numeric value

More on Parameters.