Microsoft files and PDFs are easy to load into your webpages. Webmasters can upload PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF Files using the HTML Editor.  As with adding other types of content items, start from the Edit Navigation screen, add a content item, and from the HTML Editor, take the following steps to enable file access from a hyperlink:

1.    Highlight the text you would like to serve as the hyperlink to the document you are uploading

2.    In the HTML Editor, click on the “Document Manager” icon  -This opens the Document Manager box.

3.    In the Document Manager box, click on the green and white “Upload” button

4.    Click “Select” and locate the file on your hard drive. Microsoft and PDF files work best.

5.    When the name of the file appears next to the upload button, click “upload”

6.    The file will now appear in the list under “Filename”. Click on the name of the file. This exposes a handful of fields on the right side.

a.    Link Text: The text you highlighted in the HTML Editor will appear here. If it is blank, you can enter the words to serve as a hyperlink to the document. If you leave it blank, a URL will appear on your page. 

b.    Target: A user clicking on the hyperlink will open the appropriate program to allow document viewing and editing. However, PDFs often open within browser windows. It is a best practice to select “new window” in the target field to allow PDFs to open without losing access to existing webpage. 

c.    Tooltip: tooltips are text that appears in a small yellow box when a user places the cursor over the link. Input text in the tooltip field to use this feature.

7.    Click “insert” and the link to the document will be enabled.

This is a view of the finished webpage and link to the .pdf