Page Codes

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GIVE EACH PAGE A PAGE CODE when you create it.  The reason it is important is that if you link to another page within a webpage, if you move it around, it will still work instead of just referencing a URL.

Page codes are used to identify a specific webpage for the administrator.  In the Edit Navigation page, if you highlight a webpage/folder on the Navigation side and click "Edit", then the following page will open allowing you to name the page with a page code.

On the Edit Navigation/Page below highlighted in yellow indicates where to type the page code.  It can be the same as the Navigation Title which appears in the Navigation menu, or different.  If must only contain number, letters and the underscore character.

Page codes can be used in Syndication and in easily referring to pages within your section website.

When you want to link to a page USING a page code, you simply reference your section path name/page code.


1. Type the content in the HTML editor

2. Highlight the word you want to link to a page code

3. Click on the HTML link icon

4. In the pop up box, type the section path name/page code in the URL field

5. Click OK