Archiving your website

How to create an archive copy of your microsite

Occasionally, while webmasters edit their microsite they make an edit or deletion and are unsure how to correct it.  One way to safeguard against this is to create a copy of your homepage and other folders as an archive and then hide them.  Webmasters should do this periodically if they make frequent changes to their sites.  One way to remember to update these pages is to set a monthly reminder in your calendar to make the updates to the archived pages.

PART ONE- Click on Edit Navigation to into your microsite’s CMS.

  1. Highlight (on the left) the folder “Text links at the bottom”
  2. Click “New child” to create a folder to put all of the archived webpages in that you copy. 
  3. Name this new folder “Archive”
  4. Then click and highlight the folder/webpage on the left side that you want to copy.
  5. Click on Copy icon on the left side
  6. Highlight the new “Archive” folder and click the “Paste as child”
  7. Edit the page names by renaming the archived folders by putting a 2 at the end of the folder name you copied so you know for certain that these are the archived versions.
  8. Repeat these steps for any folders/webpages that you want to archive.

Once you have made the copies of all of the webpages that you want to archive, you’ll need to edit the Archive folder to hide the copied webpages so they’re not visible on the site.


  1. Highlight the “Archive” folder
  2. Click “Edit” on the left side
  3. Scroll down to Show/Hide Navigation


4. Select “Hide this navigation and its content from the site”
5. Click Save
6. Reopen the webpage and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and make sure that there is not a link called “Archive” on the text links at the bottom.