RSS Feeds

How to add RSS feeds to your section microsite:

In order to add RSS Feeds to your section microsite, you’ll need to take a couple of steps:

    1.    Open up two windows/tabs on your computer (one for the section microsite CMS and one for the page from which you want to pull the RSS feeds.)
    2.    Visit the webpage on the Internet from which you want to pull the RSS feeds.  Look for the RSS symbol  and click on it.  It will open up a new window and ask you what reader you want to use for this feed.  Copy the URL from this feed and go back to the window with the microsite CMS.

    3.    On your microsite, click “Edit Navigation” to go into your microsite’s CMS.

    4.    Click on the folder on the left side of the navigation side where you want to add the RSS feed.

    5.    Create a new content item on the right side clicking on the “New” icon.

    6.    Name the content item for the RSS feed and select its position on the page.

    7.    Select the User Control button and type the user control ws:RSSReader and Save.

    8.    Re-open the new user control content item that you’ve just created, and select the parameters you’d like to supply to this user control.

    9.    At minimum, select the FeedUrl=" "

    10.    Paste the URL from the webpage you copied in step 2 above between the quotes in the FeedUrl=" " parameter.

For more advanced use of the RSS Reader user control, click here and search "RSS".