Basic Editing

In order to start editing or adding content on your site, you'll click on the “Edit Navigation” link

from the homepage of your section’s website (when you’re logged in as the website administrator) you will be taken to the Content Management System (CMS) of your section’s website. 

The “Edit Navigation” page is where section webmasters access the “back end” of the website, which makes creating webpages easy for people who do not know HTML and other web development languages.  On any page of your section website, if you are logged in, you will see these functions and can access them.

For most of the website editing, you will be working within a page editor that looks and works like most word processing programs.
The “Edit Navigation” page has tabs shown horizontally across the top of the page in grey.  The tab highlighted in orange shows the screen you are looking at.  In the example below, the “Navigation” tab is highlighted in orange and it is displaying the “Navigation” screen.

From this screen you can add webpages or folders on the Navigation side (left) and add or edit content on the Content side (right).

To change the arrangement of the content items on the webpage, click here.