Adding a photo

The HTML Editor makes uploading images in JPEG and GIF files easy. However, the HTML Editor will not allow you to easily resize pictures, so be sure you have right-sized the image with a program like MS Picture Manager. (Often look for “Adjust Size” and specify the pixel height and width)  This program comes with MS Office and is generally the default program used to open pictures. To be sure you are using it right-click on a picture file, select “open with”, and then choose MS Picture Manager.

Uploading Images—Images cannot simply be cut and pasted into the HTML Editor window. They must be uploaded and then selected.
1.    In the HTML Editor, click on the “Image Manager” icon  and the Image Manager box will open

2.    In the Image Manager box click on the green and white “Upload” button

3.    Click “Select” and locate the file on your hard drive. JPEG and GIF files work best.

4.    When the name of the file appears next to the upload button, click “upload”

5.    The image file will now appear in the list under “Filename”. Click on the name of the file. A preview image will appear on the right, ensuring you have selected the intended file.

6.    You can click on the "Properties" tab under the image in the preview panel.  Here, set the alignment of the picture, add a border, and take other steps as desired. (See Positioning Images-Advanced)

7. Click “insert.”


8.    You will be returned to the HTML Editor and your image will be shown in the HTML Editor window.  

Click “Save”

For more information on "Positioning" images on a page click here.