Setting up your section library

Section Webmaster administration

Section webmasters are empowered to perform the core library management roles. 
  • Library Editing and Deletion—Upload, Edit and Delete links are accessible to Section webmasters on the View Document pages for Library Entries. 
  • Reassigning Library Entries—Section webmasters can transfer ownership of any Library Entries by inputting an email address of a member while editing.
  • Organizing the Library Folder View—Section webmasters can name, move, create and delete the folders seen by users in Folder View.
Creating Library Folders

1.    Consider the organization of your Library folders carefully.  Keep in mind, new folders can be nested under any folder. 

2.    Click on the main folder with the name of the Library /community, then click "New Child" icon on the left "Folders" side.  The new folder will appear.  Name the folder.

3.    Repeat this process, selecting "New" or "New Child" as necessary.  "New" will create a folder with the same parent as the folder selected.  "New Child" will create a folder nested as a child under the selected folder.

Moving Folders within a Library

To relocate an existing folder within the Library, take the following steps:

1.    Select the folder to be moved by clicking on it.

2.    Click on the scissors icon  to "cut" the folder (the folder will not move or disappear).

3.    Identify the location where you want the folder to be located.  If you want the folder you are moving to be a child folder under another folder, select the folder you want to serve as the parent.  Then click the "paste as child" icon  on the left "Folders" side.

4.    If you want the folder you are moving to be a peer to other folder, click on a folder at the same level at which you want the folder you are moving to appear.  Then click the "paste" icon  on the left-hand "Folders" side.