Library Structure

Libraries have three layers, which can be easily understood in comparison to a filing cabinet filled with folders and paper documents.

1.  Librarythe top-level container—Think of it as the entire filing cabinet. 
Your section will have its own library, for its members to share, add and view.  It can be viewed as a “Folder View” or a “List View” and can be toggled between the views

2.  Library Entriesthe holders of files also called “Folders”—Think of each Library Entry as a folder within the file cabinet. 
Library entries can contain multiple files of different file types.  All the data on such things as downloads/views/ratings/comments gets recorded at the Library Entry level.  Each entry has its own distinct page, called a "View Document Page”.  Much of the indexing for search happens at the entry level.

Folder View is the default view for seeing files uploaded to the Document Library. 

Folder View Interface
The Folder View interface and its functionality are very similar to that of the Edit Navigation page.  Folders are displayed on the left-hand "Folders" side.  The top-level folder is the Section library name. 

All further folders created exist as children of the parent folder.  When a folder is selected at left, the contents of that folder are displayed at right. 

A Library Entry that consists of a single file will display an icon specifying the file type through standard PDF, MSWord, JPG and other icons.  If the entry has multiple files a unique "multi-file" icon, which looks like four pieces of paper stacked atop each other, will be visible.

Double-clicking on contents at right will open the View Document Page for the Library Entry, presenting users with complete information about the file and social interaction tools. 
Contents of a library in Folder View

TIP:  Only signed-in webmasters will see Edit/Delete, unless the member signed-in had posted the library entry

3.  Files - the .PDF, .DOC, .MP4 and other actual files also called “Folder Contents”—Think of the files as the paper in the folders of the filing cabinet. 

Multiple files of different types can be posted to a single Library Entry.  File text, if text-readable, is also indexed for search.

Click here for more types of supported files.