Add new Documents

Adding Content in Folders

Section webmasters can add content either from the main navigation “Add new Entry” or from the “Folder View” of the section Library.

When adding a new entry, you will use the “Document Library Wizard”, which will make adding new content very easy.

1.    Type the title of your new entry
2.    Create a description of the entry
3.    Select your Library
4.    Select the correct Folder that which will place it in the appropriate area
5.    Select the type of entry it is
6.    Leave blank or enter a member’s email address to assign the entry to them.

When creating a new Library Entry the user must select a Library for the new entry.  If a Library with multiple folders is selected a new drop-down list appears prompting the user to select a folder.  If no folder is selected the new entry will be associated with the main folder.   
Admins will often want to create folders for a Library with multiple files already associated with it.  While the contents of a folder can only display in alphabetical order, files can be created and named as desired.
Initially, all the Library contents will be associated with the main folder, so this is a two-step process.  The first step is creating new folders.  The second step is moving folder contents into the desired folders.