SPE is providing sections with websites and this website serves to help the section webmasters in using them to their best abilities.  This guide is an introduction and “Getting Started” document in using the new tool for editing and adding content to your section website.
NOTE: There may be parts of images in this guide that are not visible to you because of the level of your administrative access.

An upgrade to your section website was completed in October 2012 to make website administration easier for section webmasters, and we've streamlined the options.

To begin, here is an outline of the basic navigation of the section website.  You are welcome to add to it, but here is where we started:

1. About Us-
Section Officers pictures, names and role is being displayed under the About Us tab.  If your section's officers information is out of date, please email sections@spe.org to update the information in the membership database.  These names are being pulled from the membership database.

2.  Directory-
Search your section's membership database.  

3.   Events-
See events for your section, and add new ones.  See Events for more detailed instructions on types of events.  A link to the SPE international calendar is also available.

4.  Resources-
Your section's library is available here and also links to other communities you may belong to such as a section officer's community.  Additionally, links to your section member's blogs are available through resources.

5.  Join SPE
This page links back to the www.spe.org website, where membership benefits are explained.

6.  Participate
These quick links to share a file or post a blog encourages your section members to participate easily.

7.  Profile
The welcome box features the members profile.  If the member is not logged in, they will see a login link.  The profile completeness bar encourages members to completely fill out their profiles and to encourage participation.
8.  Officer's Only
This link only appears for logged in members who are listed as officer's in the membership database.  The link take officers to a page which displays the following:

Officer's Discussion Group
Payment Gateway setup
Event Manager
Officer's Library
Link to Webmasters Community website

9.  SPE advertisement
SPE has added this advertisement across all section websites and cannot be removed.  Section webmasters are able to add additional advertisements throughout their website, but this one is controlled by SPE.