Homepage Layout

The section website homepage has 7 pieces of content numbered below.  These are the standard that the website comes with, but you may add content items to the page if you like.

1.  Upcoming Events-
Upcoming Events are displayed from your section in this user control.  From the home page you can easily add a new event, or click on the link to see all of the events in the Calendar.  This user control is setup to show the most recent 3 events but this can be changed in the parameter settings in the CMS.

2.  Announcements-
Announcements can be added from the homepage.  Just click on "ADD" and type your announcement along with any link you want to attach to it.

3.  SPE International Syndication-
This content is brought to you by SPE.  They may want to change this from time to time, but you cannot edit it.

4.  Recent Shared Files-
These files will only be files that the user should have access to.  There is a change in that only that user's section's files will be visible here, not all section's files.

5. Student Support-
Content may be added here for your Student members. The control acts like the announcements control above in #2, but it enables you to create announcements and links to other pages right from this control on the homepage without having to go into the CMS.

6.  Quick Links-
This content is syndicated from SPE International.

7.  Recent Blogs-
This will show any blog postings that the logged in user should see.  Any that have been written in a community to which they belong.