Event Manager

How Does Event Manager Work?

The Event Manager uses Event templates that are identified as “Event types”, which establish what options your event will have.

Members/Registrants benefit from a clear online interface that facilitates easy access, a fixed registration path, and easy payment processing.
The table below lists the various parts of Event Manager at left and then describes the experiences for Webmasters vs what the attendee sees.

Section webmasters can create many different Event Types to be displayed on their section websites, from simple listings of events to complex conferences with sessions, multiple registration types and payment options.  Click on "Event Types" to see the options available.

Event Manager Elements

Section Webmasters



(used in creating meetings)

(online experience)



Event Types

Uses them to create an event – the first step is selecting the template or “Event Type”

None – they see the events only

Registration Option Categories

Uses them when creating an event like establish price points for registration and other things that a registrant purchases.

Sees different registration types and prices listed in online registration

Session Options

Uses them when creating an event like creating sessions or tracks

Sees sessions and tracks to register for, seen in online registration

Registrant Classes

Uses them when creating an event by setting special prices for members of the Registrant Classes

After login, sees the appropriate registration prices for members of these classes

Presenter Roles

Applies them when creating an event – designates the person who will have these roles for specific sessions

Sees the names of presenters listed on the online registration page

Default Payment Path

Enables section webmasters to establish the types of payments and payment gateways they will accept

Chooses from payments accepted by section

TO GET STARTED, Setup Payment Gateway