Add new Events

From the homepage go to the "Officer's Only" tab in the top right corner > “Manage Events” tab (below), then click “Add an Event”.

To create a new event, follow these instructions:

1. Type Title

2.  Type short version of title to appear on calendar view
3.  Select type of Event (See Event Types chart for more specifics about each Event Type)
4. Select your Community

5. Select start and end dates and times
6. Select time zone WHERE the EVENT will take place

7. Select Status
    a. Show Information (Shows event only - NO REGISTRATION)
    b. Accept Registration (Allows for registration)
    c. Hide (Will save but WILL NOT be SEEN on website by users)
    d. Archive ( Will save, but will send to Archive, and NOT visible in Content folders)

8.  Type in the Event location details

9.  Type the contact information for the person taking in question about the event

10.  Enter dates for early, regular and late registration

11.  Configuration--check yes or no for these options and choose from one of these currencies to accept payment

12.  Describe your event with photos/pictures, files, external webpages, etc.

13.  Use the HTML editor to further describe event

14.  If this event qualifies for CE (Continuing education) credits, use the up and down arrows to select the number applicable

15. Pricing
      a. Simple--gives you early, regular and late pricing (ONLY if selected in 10. shown above)
      b. Member/Non-Member--allows you to have 2 prices for the different registration classes
      c. Advanced--See Complex Meeting
16. Click Finished to save and publish



Events can be viewed from the main navigation tabs across the top of the page.  When a Webmaster is logged in, they will see “Officers Only” in the top right corner.  Once they click on that link, it will show a page with 5 tabs, one of which is the "Manage Events" tab.