Session Details

Creating the session and adding details


After you Add a Session from the Event Registration page, you'll go to the Registration Option/Session Create/Edit page to fill in the details of the session


1.  Select Session from the Category/Track drop down

2.  Type the Session Title

3.  Indicate the maximum amount of registrants who can register for the session

4.  Select the type of Registration Status

    a. Show Info Only (NO REGISTRATION allowed)
    b. Accept Registration 
    c. Hide (Create for future but will not appear on the website)

5.  Use HTML Editor to add any pictures, links, content about the session

6.  Select the date, time, location and if applicable, session code and number of CE credits to be earned

7.  Add the name of the presenter for this session by searching for an existing presenter or typing in the contact info of a new presenter.

8.  Registration Rules can be applied to each session

  • Automatic--If a registrant registers for this session, they will AUTOMATICALLY be registered for another one
  • Exclusive--Registrants will NOT be allowed to register for more than one session happening at the same time
  • Requires--Typically used for pre-requisites, you may require the registrant to also be registered for another session
9.  Select one of the following--Save, save and add another session or Finish to complete the event