The Ads admin is found in:  Edit Navigation > Ads

Types of Ads

Uploaded Image

With this type of ad, the administrator uploads a graphic (jpg, gif, or png) and supplies a URL to which the user is directed if they click on the ad.  Uploaded ads should be resized before you upload to fit within the size that is determined by the Type of Ad.  (Ex: HomeRight 120 pixels x 90 pixels)

TIP: Animated gif files can be used but if the file uploaded is larger than the allowed dimensions, it will be resized to fit and the animation will be lost.

Rotating Ad Service

With this type of ad, the administrator can paste or embed javascript code from a 3rd party vendor and code calls back to the ad management system to show the ad or widget in the appropriate place.  Most 3rd party ad management systems should work.  Examples are Ad Juggler, OpenX, and Google Ad Sense.  You can also embed polls or surveys from companies like Poll Daddy, Survey Gizmo, etc.  You will have to adjust the height and width in the java script to fit within the dimensions of your website position.