North America Petrobowl RQ Question Reviewer

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Starts: 04-24-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


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North America Petrobowl RQ Question Reviewer

PetroBowl® Regional Qualifier

Organization of the PetroBowl® Regional Qualifiers takes place collaboratively with SPE International and the Regional Directors who operate within each of the PetroBowl Super Regions.

Each “super-region” will select up to five teams to represent them at the PetroBowl Championship. In addition to the teams from each region, the first and second place teams from the previous year’s Championship are also invited to defend their title. A total of 32 places are available for teams to participate in the Championship.

Regional Qualifiers will be a mix of physical and virtual events depending on suitability for the region. All games will be run to the same standards, though some variation in processes may occur depending on if the event is held in a physical or virtual format.

Qualifying Teams will be invited to participate in the PetroBowl Championship, which is due to take place as part of the 2024 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE). 


The responsibilities of the questions reviewers will be to review and refine the questions created by the International PetroBowl writing committee in order to ensure clarity and conciseness for North American students.

PetroBowl question reviewers must have:

  • SPE Professional membership in good standing (students are not eligible to participate).
  • Personal interest in the academic development of university students.
  • Professional knowledge of topics relevant to university students studying petroleum engineering.


  •         Possess technical expertise to review high competency level questions.
  •         Attend at least one meeting with the question review sub-group.
  •         Maintain the integrity of the questions and ensure that they are kept confidential.

Start time – February 20, 2024

End time – March 18, 2024

To find out more about the PetroBowl program visit our webpage.


Eastern North America
Gulf Coast North America
Mid-Continent North America
Rocky Mountain North America
Southwestern North America
Western North America

Volunteers Needed:

10 (10 open slots)


Jillian Thomas
Society of Petroleum Engineers

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