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Evaluation of New Conversational Search Capability

Signup Deadline: 06-30-2024
Starts: 07-15-2024
Ends: 08-05-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


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SPE is looking for volunteers to test and provide feedback on a new ‘conversational/chat’ search tool that its research portal (https://search.spe.org) partner, i2k Connect, have developed as part of the Knowledge Management at Speed and Scale project with SRI. To keep the test as true to life as possible each volunteer will be given a small number of questions to answer from the Volve field data set which simulate questions that might be asked during a well planning exercise and the challenges of finding an answer from among the large volumes of information petroleum engineers are faced with daily. Some volunteers will also be asked to answer questions using a baseline system in order to provide a point of comparison. The exercise will take a maximum of two hours to complete using just a browser. The tester’s interactions with the tools will be logged and she/he will be asked to provide qualitative feedback on the tools. This information will be used purely to judge whether the tools help in simplifying the search process and will be deleted at the conclusion of the project. No personal information will be collected beyond the volunteer’s email and that will only be used for the purpose of instructions/credentials to access the test system and to answer any questions volunteers may have during testing.

The results from this experiment will be used to shape how/if a conversational/chat interface should be integrated into the research portal to simplify searches across SPE’s (and SEG’s) content.

Time commitment: up to 2 hours in one sitting to complete tasks and answer survey

Testing Interval: July 15, 2024 to August 3, 2024

Qualifications: testing will be completed online so an internet connection and browser are all that are needed. We recommend that volunteers use a device with a screen large enough for reasonable viewing of a document such as a daily report.

Volunteers Needed:

140 (140 open slots)


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Society of Petroleum Engineers

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