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Starts: 07-09-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Who can participate as a mentor?
eMentoring provides all SPE professional members an opportunity to share their industry insight and practical career advice with young professionals or by helping university students with academic and career direction. Young professionals, who may be mentors themselves, can also participate as a mentee receiving guidance and early career planning from experienced professionals.

How long is the commitment?
An eMentoring relationship is a six month partnership communicating with your mentee (one or two times per month) by system messaging, mobile app, email, telephone, Skype, or other forms of social media.

What is expected of a Mentor?
Your role as mentor is to inspire, encourage, and support your mentee, and to contribute to his/her professional and personal development.

What do mentors typically share with mentees?

    • Professional experience
    • Industry trends
    • Advice for defining and reaching goals
    • Job interview tips and resume reviews for students
    • Recommendations for additional education or development
    • Academic guidance for students

Mentors do not typically provide mentees: supplemental tutoring with school projects, papers, and research; internships or job offers; or technical consultancy.

Here's how it works...
Both mentors and mentees begin the process by completing a profile.  Registered mentees can search by a variety of criteria, such as area of expertise, type of company, gender and country. The eMentoring system will display a list of available mentors who closely meet the mentee’s requirements. After carefully reviewing the mentor profiles, the mentee will submit a request to the mentor of his/her choice. The mentor will receive a notification via email with a link that will allow him/her to login to the system to access the mentee’s profile. After reviewing the mentee’s profile, the mentor will be able to respond by accepting or rejecting the request. 

Get started and become a mentor today at https://ementoring.spe.org/p/p1/pages/1464!  

Volunteers Needed:

1000 (823 open slots)


eMentoring Administrator

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