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Starts: 06-23-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


Do you want to pay it forward?
Contributions are what makes PetroWiki an informative site with access to great information. When you add your knowledge to the wiki you can assure you are contributing to better relationships within our membership, building a community and leaving a legacy for future engineers.

What is PetroWiki?
A wiki is a “website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users”. PetroWiki was created from the seven-volume Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH) published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. PetroWiki preserves the PEH content in unaltered form while allowing SPE’s membership to update and expand content from the published version.

Who can contribute to PetroWiki?
Any SPE member can contribute their knowledge to the PetroWiki.  Simply log in with your SPE credentials and get started.

How long is the commitment?
That is dependent on how much material you have to share.  Your contribution could be as simple as updating a few sentences or as complex as starting a new page with brand new content.  This is something you can do any time on any petroleum engineering subject.  We encourage you to share your knowledge and skillsets.

How can I contribute to PetroWiki?
PE recognizes that there are gaps in content which could be filled with the vast knowledge of our membership. If you have content which could help to fill that gap, we encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise with a contribution to PetroWiki. Simply log on to PetroWiki, search for the content you would like to add, edit the existing page or create a new one, and save your contribution.  It’s that easy.

*Please note this opportunity is not added to your SPE volunteer record.




Volunteers Needed:

1000 (863 open slots)


Volunteer Administrator
Society of Petroleum Engineers