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Starts: 08-11-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


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“Active reviewers need not apply”


SPE Journal utilizes volunteer technical reviewers to review manuscripts submitted to its prestigious journal. 


This opportunity is open to professionals willing to review for SPE Journal and meet the following criteria:

·         Three years of industry or academic experience.

·         At least three published papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals (preferably at least one SPE journal paper).

·         Broad understanding of current technologies in a specific discipline.

·         Time and commitment to support the process (typically 2–4 hours to perform a review).


Review technical papers submitted to SPE Journal.

·         Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior during and after the review. Provide fair and unbiased reviews. Provide constructive feedback in support of a recommendation to decline, revise, or publish. Provide sufficient detail for editors and authors to understand changes being requested and rationale for the decision.

·         Accept at least three review invitations within a calendar year, and complete review assignments within the allotted timeframe (14 days).

·         Uphold the confidentiality of the single-blind review process.

Application Processing Time:

·         The application process requires volunteers to upload a Resume/CV and current publication listing when completing the application.

·         Candidates will be notified within six to eight weeks following the submission of your application.

For more information about the peer-reviewed journals visit our webpage at

Volunteers Needed:

30 (30 open slots)


Stacie Hughes
Society of Petroleum Engineers

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