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Testers Needed for AI Based Adaptive Help in Well Planning System

Signup Deadline: 12-29-2022
Starts: 01-03-2023
Ends: 01-12-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


If you have not already done so, please 'Sign In' to your SPE.org account in the upper right-hand corner; you will then be returned to this page with the 'Apply Today!' button visible.

Though Well Planning experience is certainly desirable for this activity a variety of experience levels in the area will be helpful to evaluate the technology so candidates with varying experience levels are welcome.

Participants will complete online tasks related to Well Planning, during which they can both share information they think might help others and use tools to find information to assist themselves. Participants will be asked to provide feedback on the tools regarding their usability and usefulness. The testing exercise will take approximately 3 hours during the first half of January 2023. No personally identifying data will be collected.

The testing is being run by third parties (i2k Connect, SRI International, and Pacific Science and Engineering) as part of a DARPA-sponsored research project that seeks to develop software for capturing corporate knowledge that can subsequently be disseminated to assist with problem solving. The initial focus is tasks related to well planning. SPE uses some of the technology in our Research Portal (search.spe.org) and plans to implement the capabilities being tested in this opportunity as the technology matures.

Technical Area of Expertise: Reservoir, Wellbore Positioning, Geomechanics, DSEA, Drilling Systems Automation & Drilling System Uncertainty.

Starts: 3 January 2023
Ends: 12 January 2023
Accepting Applications through 2 January 2023
Estimated Hours: 3

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed:

10 (10 open slots)


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