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Webinars by YPs for YPs

Starts: 08-24-2018
Location: Online Opportunity


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Webinars by YPs for YPs provide an opportunity for YPs to share technical knowledge globally, and make this available to other YPs in a cost effective and engaging manner. YPs partaking in the program will be able to hone their presentation skills, increase visibility amongst their peers and learn from their colleagues across the world. Volunteers will present a talk via a live stream which will include questions and a moderator, this will then be available for on demand access after the event. Applicants will have their submissions reviewed as part of a larger program to give a variety of talks and topics throughout the year. 


Webinar presenters must:

  • Be SPE YP members (age 35 or under)
  • Have experience making presentations either within their company or through other activities
  • Have a personal interest in the global dissemination of technical and practical knowledge
  • Be an effective communicator


Webinar presenters must:

  • Liaise with SPE Staff in advice to decide on a suitable date and topic for the presentation
  • Prepare a 30-45 minute presentation, including polling questions to increase audience interaction
  • Recruit a moderator with a similar technical expertise to moderate the Q&A session
  • Attend a testing session ahead of live webinar
  • Deliver the presentation on the day
  • Provide feedback to SPE and participate in any other follow-up as required

Learn more about the Webinars by YPs for YPs.


Business Etiquette
Diversity / Cultural Awareness
Effective Communication
Presentation Skills / Public Speaking
Technical writing and presentation skills

Volunteers Needed:

100 (100 open slots)




YP Programs Administrator