April 2017

USYS Conference Call - MINUTES

April 11, 2017

Submitted By Chris Mentzer


Participating:       Acting Chairman:  Daniel De Clute-Melancon                         

Board Members:  Susan Nash, Chris Mentzer, Trey Mebane, Ed Tovar, Balaji Ramachandran

SPE Staff:  Shasta Foy

Not available:  All present.

Other attendees: Patrick Porciello, Josh Covault, Brian Anderson, Hisham Saadawi

NOTE:  Action items within meeting minutes are highlighted and have been added to the USYS action items list.


1.               ACTION ITEM REVIEW (Mentzer)

·       First meeting.  For future meetings, the open action items and recently closed action items will be reviewed and updated.


  • Josh Covault – ASV – Discussion on Industry Code of Conduct
  • Will send out slides

3.               OTHER DISCUSSION

·        Working on Networking wallet cards, getting 1000 printed and sent to Daniel

·        Tovar suggested maybe having Humphries from UT Austin talk about spoofing

·       Working on a membership contact list or way to contact through the site

·       Maybe joint event with AAPG soon

·       September time best to get in budgets for sponsors

·       JIP ideas survey (has this been assigned to anyone as an action item?)

·       Monitoring temporarily abandoned wells?

·       Using ROV from boat for pipeline inspection and light intervention (like turning valves)?

·       Bring in operators for input

·       Tethers/managing tethers


4.               NEXT MEETING

TBD.  Shasta will send out a meeting notice.