May 2017





USYS Conference Call

May 18, 2017

Submitted By Chris Mentzer

Participating:       Acting Chairman:  Daniel De Clute-Melancon


Board Members:  Chris Mentzer, Trey Mebane, Ed Tovar, Balaji Ramachandran


SPE Staff:  Shasta Foy


Not available:  Susan Nash


Other attendees: none.



NOTE:  Action items within meeting minutes are highlighted and have been added to the USYS action items list.


1.               ACTION ITEM REVIEW (Mentzer)


  • Mebane still working on JIP ideas survey, will send out.


2.               DISCUSSION


  • 20th of June, main point of call sending out info to growing list of contacts prior to webinar (immediately after call is webinar) SPE R&D tech section


  • Membership – IOC/NOC independent engagement, Energy Drone Summit (booth? – probably no)


  • Tovar will pitch sponsorship to organizations, DeClute needs to send tech section description


  • Collaboration with AUVSI and coordinating meetings


  • FAA update maybe pushed


  • Oceaneering in July – DeClute to follow up for confirmation


  • John Alan – August – How API 17 can apply to unmanned systems


  • Ideas for meetings after September – Ground, Kongsberg snake bot, Uber air taxis, academia (Rice – UAV geological survey)


  • Need 6 week lead time to set up webinar, need bio, photo, brief abstract, then setup registration link, promote, 2 weeks out is speaker prep session


  • Balaji intro to Kongsberg for September talk


  • October – ground vehicles with SwRI


  • November – Kevin with Hess on health safety


  • Sessions on steps for regulations


  • Academia contacts for midstream (pipeline inspection, subsea)?  Operator vision?  Tatall (sp?) willing to share presentation?  DeClute to reach out.


  • ATCE scheduled for Oct 9-11, panel on unmanned systems


  • Late Oct, early Nov for workshop?  Need scheme/topic.  Foy has template, will send out a link.  Possible topic on supply chain management (Hess)?  SPE Forum – future thinking, invitation only, no notes taken, open discussion, Foy sending out info.  DeClute kickoff table of contacts for workshop or forum 


  • Scholarship from sponsorship, awards banquet at about a year?


  • Future topics survey?


  • Foy to send out broadcast e-mail tool info to use for membership.



3.               NEXT MEETING


  • June 20, 2017 8:30am central, followed by webinar



SPE Unmanned Systems Technical Section

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Chair and Community Webmaster

Daniel De Clute-Melancon



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Program Chair

Susan Nash

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

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Administrative Chair

Chris Mentzer

Southwest Research Institute

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Membership Chair

Trey Mebane

Chasm Visions

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Treasurer and Sponsorship Chair

Ed Tovar


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Academic Director

Balaji Ramachandran

Nicholls State University

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Technical Activities Coordinator

Shasta Foy


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