July 2017


USYS Conference Call - Minutes

July 11, 2017

Submitted By Chris Mentzer



Acting Chairman:  Daniel De Clute-Melancon                    

Board Members  Chris Mentzer, Trey Mebane, Ed Tovar, Balaji Ramachandran, Susan Nash

SPE Staff:  Shasta Foy

Not available:

Other attendees: Jami Cheramie, Mark Reynolds, Joe Ferguson, Les Oakes, Michael Lee, Kevin McSweeney, Robert Ray.


Action items within meeting minutes are highlighted and have been added to the USYS action items list.

1.     ACTION ITEM REVIEW (Mentzer)

  • Energy Drone Coalition Summit well attended.
  • Mebane has found a lot of off-shore topics for JIP still looking for more ground topics.


Monthly Topic

  • Oceaneering Presentation on AUV Pipeline Inspection

Membership Update

  • 192 members in tech section
  • Mebane - At point to put together marketing campaign for recruiting others to tech section?
  • Informz system running so De Clute able to get first e-mail out through that system.

Treasury/Sponsorship Update

  • There were bottlenecks, but we’ll have bank account in next 5-10 days.
  • Information on Sponsorship Levels will be available soon.

Program & Calendar Events Update

  • Push attendance for ATCE, special session 2-5pm on Oct 11
  • Nash meeting with Devin on July 17, will report back
  • Tovar can get someone to donate a drone if we have a gathering/social
  • Tuesday night is annual banquet and Wednesday lunch is president’s luncheon
  • Nash suggested coordinating with a vendor with a booth and have people meet at booth and “bait” people with food, etc.
  • Ramachandran will follow up with Kongsberg about Sept talk and confirm they will provide somebody from their Houston office.  Will put Daniel in touch.  Tovar is also meeting with Kongsberg and will bring up with them.  Ramachandran will send info to Tovar too.
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight talk – Daniel following up on contact
  • Trying to pull together USYS workshop in Spring
  • Start recording presentations or have them do dry runs for us then do a full webinar we can post as a resource for others who are interested?
  • Co-Webmasters added for additional support for website and information.


  • TBD