SPE Norway Digitalization Tour

When:  Oct 25, 2018 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (SE)
Associated with  Trondheim Section

Welcome to SPE Norway Digitalization Tour where three industry professionals will share their thoughts and experiences on the topic of digitalization!

Dr. Paula Doyle, VP Industry Solutions, Cognite Data Liberation In Action

Paula Doyle is Director of Customer Success at Cognite. She holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and has worked the last 15 years in the Oil & Gas industry in Norway and the Middle East. Paula has participated in many international standardization committees and is a firm believer in the power and value of usable information.

Digitalization is about two things. First, changing how we work, both people and machines and equipment, and second, changing our business models - i.e., how companies operate and collaborate. At the heart of this change lies the ability to free industrial data and leverage it in all aspects of your businesses Cognite is obsessed with one thing: liberating industrial data and making it available so that humans and machines can get greater insight and make better decisions. Our lighthouse customer, AkerBP, is equally obsessed. This presentation provides a short introduction to Cognite and our industrial data platform followed by a walk-through of some of the use-cases we have delivered with AkerBP.

Eirik Rasmussen, O&G Partner, PWC From Talk to Action: The O&G Sector Ready to Take the Leap?

Eirik has 25 years of national and international management and consulting experience, with a special focus on Oil and Gas within the Power and Utilities sector. He hold an Executive MBA degree in Management and Strategy from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Eiriks focus areas are Digitalization, Strategy and Organizational Change. He has been engaged as the PwC “go-to-person” and oil and gas expert for Norwegian, Middle Eastern, Australian, CEE, African and Pan European Oil and Gas companies

Talks on industry 4.0 and digital opportunities have dominated conferences and public relations within E&P for many years. The possibilities for digital value creation are many; ranging from the use of machine learning and AI on seismic data to enabling predictive maintenance through real time analytics. Despite working in a region which are known for its innovation and technological entrepreneurship, our industry is not exactly famous for its agility. In this session PwC will present our perspective on value creation potential related to digitalization within the O&G industry and further pinpoint some key obstacles we have identified working with E&P and OFS companies in the region. Next we share some of our thoughts on potential workarounds to these obstacles and present our view on the way forward to realize digital value creation in O&G.

Dr. Dmitri Gorski, Chief Technical Officer, Heavelock Digitalization in Practice: Autonomous Downhole Drilling Tool

Dmitri Gorski is Chief Technical Officer at Heavelock. He holds PhD in Process Technology and MBA in Technology Management. Prior to joining Heavelock he had spent some 10 years working for industry majors and small companies with focus on projects and technology development.

HeaveLock™ is an autonomous downhole tool that eliminates wave-induced pressure oscillations in wells that are drilled from floating drilling rigs and ships in harsh weather environment. The technology has its roots at NTNU, where two professors were confronted with a problem that the industry had been facing when trying to implement Managed Pressure Drilling on floaters in the North Sea. The HeaveLock™ tool is mounted in the drill string all the way near the bottom of a well that is being drilled. Real-time control of the tool from the surface is thus not possible. The problem calls for smart control algorithms and elements of machine learning to allow the tool to adapt to ever-changing downhole conditions. HeaveLock™ represents a new kind of thinking where the problems are eliminated at their source without direct involvement of the personnel topside.


Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, NTNU, Trondheim , 7491 Trondheim
S.P. Andersens veg 15 A
Trondheim, 7491
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Dmitri Gorski