BSc, MSc and PhD awards

Deadline for Nominations: April 20th each year. Send the nominations electronically to: Associate Prof. Jan Aage Aasen of the Institute of Energy and Petroleum Technology, University of Stavanger.

As a token of recognition of excellent academic performance by students at University of Stavanger (UiS), who are enrolled in Oil & Gas related Studies/ Research projects, SPE Stavanger give out 3 special awards every year. The Award is dedicated to 3 students with excellent academic performance at UiS.

The awards will be presented at a distinguished gathering during the Annual SPE barbeque; an event well attended by 400+ oil & gas professionals from the region.

Award categories;

    1. 1 Award at the Bachelors level (Certificate and a cash award of NOK 10 000/= )

    2. 1 Award at the Masters level (Certificate and a cash award of NOK 10 000/= )

    3. 1 Award at the PhD level (Certificate and a cash award of NOK 10 000/=)

Conditions to qualify for nominations:

    • Bachelor and Master students who will complete their Degrees by August of the same year is eligible to qualify. PhD students should have completed their studies successfully in the previous year or should be in the final stage of doing so.

    • The student should have had a continuous SPE student membership throughout his study period (or as a general member)

    • The student should have been involved in an Oil & Gas related studies/project at UiS at Bachelor / Master / PhD capacities.

Sending the nominations:

    • Nomination of student candidates for the awards should be done by a member of the Academic staff of UiS.

    • Nomination should contain following letters:

        o A letter of recommendation by an academic Supervisor/Advisor (‘Faglig ansvarlig/Veileder’) of UiS, highlighting the student’s performance level to qualify for the Award

        o A letter (+ other relevant documents, e.g. CV, transcript) from the student giving adequate proof as to why he/she should be considered for the award.

        o Official confirmation from SPE on the continuity of SPE membership

Deadline for nominations:

    • April 20th

Nominations together with confirmation of SPE Student membership should be sent to:

    • Associate Prof. Jan Aage Aasen of IEP/UiS, Member of the Board of Directors and Scholarships chair, SPE Stavanger chapter