Scholarship and Student support program

ESTABLISHMENT: Formally established at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Stavanger, Norway, under the guidance and the management by the Scholarship chair of the SPE Stavanger chapter. This Scholarship program has been effective since 2009.

PURPOSE: To promote and to contribute to the enhancement of quality and quantity of entrants to the profession in Petroleum/Offshore. This is to contribute directly to the education and career development of students who are enrolled to the respective programs through financial assistance. The program is to cater to; (a) the support of accredited petroleum/offshore engineering programs of UiS, (b) the provision of help on the supply of professional and good-quality graduates, (c) the recognition of academic merits and excellence.

ELIGIBILITY: Those students who are enrolled to the Energy/Petroleum/Offshore engineering program(s) of UiS can apply for scholarships. To be eligible to receive a scholarship a student should be a student member (or a member) of SPE.

FORM OF SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships will be granted in the form of financial assistance (a) to travel to SPE meetings and conferences (b) to travel and to follow SPE training or career development and study programs, (c) to purchase SPE software or publications. Scholarships will also be granted once-a-year in the form of awards to (a) the Best Bachelor student of the year (b) the Best Masters student of the year and(c) the Best PhD student of the year. Scholarships can be granted to SPE student members in other forms than stated here on the basis of relevance and impact w.r.t. original purpose of the program, upon the approval of the Scholarship chair.

APPLICATION: In seek of financial assistance, a statement requesting funds need to be submitted to the Scholarship chair by those who seek a scholarship. Such a statement should include the purpose of use of scholarship and the amount needed. The statement should be supported by a member of the academic staff of UiS. The grant of awards, on the other hand, will take place once-a-year based on formal nominations by academic staff of UiS, following educational merits and/or performance excellence of students. Announcement of awards will be made by the Scholarship chair in good time every year.  

GRANT OF A SCHOLARSHIP: Scholarships can be granted to eligible candidates depending on the availability of funds, the purpose of the use of funds, and the amount needed. The grant of a scholarship is subjected to the formal approval by the Scholarship chair.