• Happy New Year!

    We look forward to resume both physical and virtual activities and hope that you will consider renewing your membership with SPE. More
  • Announcing New Geothermal Technical Section

    SPE has established a new Technical Section – the Geothermal Technical Section (GTTS). This Technical Section was previously the Geothermal Energy Discussion Group and is intended for members with a common interest in geothermal energy and its potential ... More
  • Drillbotics

    Congratulations to the team of students of the University of Stavanger for winning the Group A of the Drillbotics competition this year! More
  • 2021 SPE Europe Regional Student Paper Contest

    Congratulations to Tadjer Mohamed Amine, PhD student at the University of Stavanger (UiS) and SPE Stavanger Chapter member, for finishing the 2021 SPE Europe Regional Student Paper Contest in 1st place! More
  • Distinguished Lecturers

    Alle SPE chapters in Norway are now coordinating the virtual Distinguished Lecturer events, meaning you may attend more speeches than before. These events are available to SPE members only. More




Now Available: The SPE International App

The New SPE International App allows you access to SPE anytime, anywhere. It has many great benefits: access to our widely used OnePetro® and PetroWiki® platforms, the latest content from SPE magazines and publications which you can tailor to your preferences, and global networking opportunities through SPE Connect. Download now and access SPE at your fingertips.


  • Posted in: Stavanger Section

  • Posted in: Stavanger Section

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