Value Creation by Utilizing Tractor and Powered Mechanical Solutions in Well Interventions

When:  Sep 13, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Stavanger Section

By Eyad Rai, Account Manager (Welltec)


Intervention operation has become safer and more efficient over the past years thanks to technology. Together we will go through the story of this change and the impact it made, followed by few case stories of various technologies and how they helped operators to come through difficult challenges that can be faced during interventions such as Sand clean-out, extended scale milling, Free stuck DHSV with Autonomous milling ..etc


Energy professional with over 17 years of experience gained by working with two of the top technology providers in the upstream industry (Welltec and SLB) in 8 different countries / 3 continents while holding various roles.

Starting as field engineer covering land operation in the deserts of Syria and Jordan and offshore operation in the Egyptian red sea for about 8 years, followed by operation management in India covering deepwater operation in bay of Bengal. From there I moved to Qatar to join sales and commercial function covering both international client such as Total and Shell and the major local client Qatar Energy. My sales journey continued in the fjords land, beautiful Norway, providing Equinor with the latest and most innovative technologies for their intervention operation


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