The "Fracts" of Life

When:  Oct 5, 2021 from 06:30 PM to 08:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Stavanger Section

The “Fracts” of Life

By Martin ‘Frac-Pup’ Rylance of THREE60 ENERGY Ltd


Hydraulic fracturing is the single most commonly applied completion and intervention approach across the globe, from high-permeability reservoirs at one end of the scale to unconventional formations at the other.  Constantly, changing, adapting and challenging established thinking, it is one of the most successfully applied techniques that is used within the oil and gas industry.

While we are all taught and introduced to the fracturing theory and fundamentals, there is no true replacement for extensive operational exposure and experience, in the planning, execution and day to day working with hydraulic fracturing operations in a variety of situations.  It is through this particular lens that some of the key factors, recurring themes and consistent issues can be more fully appreciated, registered and subsequently acted upon.

The purpose of this presentation is to outline, impart and share, those recurring major issues that can directly impact the potential success of hydraulic fracturing operations, that have over several years presented themselves to this Lecturer, particularly in new/overseas areas.  These experiences are based on more than 36 years of performing Exploration, Appraisal and Development operations; in diverse, frontier and challenging environments across some 43 Countries and many new Basins.  The themes and advice will be shared by the means of actual case histories.


“What is the one idea you would like the members to take away from this lecture ?“


A successful Lecture would result in a refreshed and focused awareness of the relative importance of these key factors on successful operations.  The lessons learned are multi-disciplinary in nature and this renewed level of awareness will hopefully generate fresh perspective from the attendees and encourage open discussion with their colleagues from other disciplines, on fracturing understanding and interpretation.  This is particularly important as large-scale fracturing developments extend into new international areas, where skillsets and experience will sometimes be less well established.



Martin Rylance is the Distinguished Advisor and Discipline Lead for Frac & Stim at THREE60 ENERGY Ltd, he was previously the VP Wells for bp Russia and their Global Sr. Advisor.  He has worked with bp, their JVS, partners, NOCs and other companies for 36 Years, since graduating with a BSc in Pure Mathematics.  He has over 250 publications, books, patents, articles and industry reports to his name.  He has been an SPE DL on three separate occasions, he is an SPE Distinguished Member, on the board of the HFTS and received the SPE GCS Completions Optimisation Award in 2015, he is a Chartered Mathematician and also a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics.

Technically, he has been involved in all aspects of pumping, well interventions and pressure control service, multi-laterals, CTD and snubbing.  More recently he has specialised in unconventional resources and fracturing in tectonic and HPHT environments.  During his career he has been responsible for the implementation of numerous intervention campaigns, pilots and exploration programmes.  Having lived in 11 Countries and pumped in more than 43, he has built, developed and managed Teams that have gone on to deliver 10s of 1,000’s of fracturing and stimulation treatments around the globe.


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