Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum is an annual lecture series focused on contributing to oil and gas policies development for Nigeria in commemoration of the first oil-well drilled in Nigeria by Shell Darcy at Oloibiri, in Ogbia, Bayelsa State, in 1956. The annual lecture series attracts participation from the government, regulatory agencies, heads of industry practitioners at all levels, as well as other key stakeholders from around Africa. The 2016 lecture series will discuss advances in oil and gas activities aimed at mitigating the effect of low oil prices and how these will help chart the right course towards sustainable future for the Nigeria oil and gas industry.

At  the  inaugural  edition  of  Society  of  Petroleum  Engineers  (SPE)  Nigeria  Council’s  Annual  Oloibiri Lecture Series & Energy Forum, held in June 1991, had in attendance Dr. Suboroto, Secretary General of  OPEC.