What is draft manuscript?:

Ans: Draft manuscript is the first copy of your manuscript that has no traces of the author’s names and affiliations in order to achieve double-blind review of the SPE papers. Papers with personal information may be filtered off from being reviewed by the system auto-matching algorithm due to issues such as CONFLICTS.

What is the difference between draft manuscript and full manuscript? 

Ans:Draft manuscript is the same content with final manuscript, but the final manuscript contains Author’s name(s) and affiliations below the paper title. Draft manuscript leaves no trace of the author’s affiliation of identity. Please note that any modification of draft manuscript will disqualify the paper.

When do I submit PIF and TOC?:

Ans: PIF/TOC MUST be submitted, subject to acceptance of draft manuscript, during the final manuscript submission. Although the submission deadline for PIF/TOC and the draft manuscript is 15th April 2017, authors are advised to avoid submitting PIF/TOC at this stage to avoid system removal for review until after draft manuscript acceptance notification. This is because NAICE portal handles double blind review and PIF/TOC will contain personal details which could be flagged against particular reviewer and invalidate the review of your paper. 

How do I Submit draft manuscript?: 

Ans: Download the draft manuscript template via the author kits portal. Unzip the folder and open the Microsoft document which first prompts for text input for PAPER TITLE only.

Fill in the box with your paper title and type in your abstract and provide your paper contents (texts and relevant graphics). When completed, upload your draft manuscript via same portal used in you Abstract submission. The guideline for submission of Draft manuscript can be found in this LINK. Ensure you are familiar with manuscript template instructions and SPE Style Guide found on the author kits page. Please do not just fill in your paper title and submit empty file. We expect your paper title, Abstract and content of the manuscript only. Do not modify the template to suite you to add personal information (Authors’ names and affiliations). This will automatically disqualify the paper from being reviewed.  NAICE has adopted online double-blind review.

What is Double-Blind Review?:

Ans: The double-blind review process means both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.