STSE 2023

STSE 2023 holds from April 2023

Students Technical Symposium & Exhibition
(STSE 2023)

  Pathway to Energy Security in Nigeria: Roles and Opportunities for Students and Young Professionals

Energy security has become increasingly critical for human development in our world. However, global concerns on the availability and affordability of energy have resonated to what could be termed "Global Energy Crisis" which has led the world to analyze the components of this energy crisis with a view of proffering solutions to them. 
The solutions border on the ability to meet the increasing demand for energy as the world population grows and the middle class continues to expand, resulting in greater energy demand for homes, transportation, electricity, consumer goods etc. while ensuring environmentally safe and sustainable solutions. Hence, there is the need to develop a road map that ensures energy security and sustainability in Nigeria. 
Nigeria has a vast wealth of renewable and non-renewable energy sources that have not been optimally developed which has resulted in the nation not being able to provide the energy needs of her citizens. In order to meet the energy demand for its citizens, Nigeria must find ways to develop a framework to commercialize her energy resources to meet the needs of over 200 million population through exploitation of her natural resources and processing of energy products to value-added-products. 
This conference is aimed at having a discussion that borders on the pathway for energy security in the country as well as the role and opportunities that abound among Students & Young Professionals who have been identified as a key driver in achieving energy security in Nigeria.


SPE Nigeria council invites undergraduate and post-graduate (MSc and PhD) students attending higher institutions of learning affiliated with SPE chapters within the Nigeria Council of SPE to submit their abstracts for the 2023 SPE Nigeria Student Paper Contest. 
The contest will be held within the framework of the 23rd Student Technical Symposium STSE 2023 of SPE Nigeria Council, by April 2023.  Awards will be given for the top three papers in each division at the Nigerian Annual International Conference & Exhibition (NAICE 2023). Papers must be relevant to the theme of the symposium.

Significant papers written by the contestant during the school term may serve as a source or basis. Students need to be sponsored by a professor of their institution, who will guide and aid in the development of the paper. Only single-author papers are eligible. The paper must not have been accepted for publication in an SPE peer-reviewed journal prior to or at the time of submission for the contest nor should it have been presented at a previous SPE Regional Student Paper Contest. All submissions must be made via the CMT online portal;

No email submission will be accepted. Kindly download the submissions guide HERE.

Click to download the manuscript template for final paper


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Important Deadlines:

  • Abstract Submission: February 27, 2023
  • Notification of Accepted Abstract: March 07, 2023
  • Manuscript Submission: March 30, 2023
  • Notification of Accepted Papers: April 10, 2023
  • Submission of Presentation Slides: April  20, 2023