Member Directory FAQs

  1. What information appears in the Member Directory?

The Member Directory only shows the information that you have selected to be shared. This may include your contact details, bio, photo, education, job history, professional associations, honor and awards, etc.


  1. Do I need to be logged in?

Yes. If you are not already logged in when you click on the Member Directory, you will be sent automatically to a login page.


  1. What is my login and password?

Your login is the email address you have registered on your SPE.org profile. Use the “Forgot Password” option if you have problems logging in.


  1. How do I change the information that shows in the Member Directory?

1. Go to SPE Connect and click Profile from the blue toolbar.
2. Select the drop down menu for My Account and click Privacy Settings.
3. On the Privacy Settings page, you can opt-out entirely from the Member Directory, or you can select which audience can view each part of your profile.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Save Changes.

Your changes are automatic once you click Save Changes, but to see them, you must log out of SPE Connect and log back in.


  1. I don’t want people to see the Google street view of my address line. How do I remove that?

If you would like to remove the map, you’ll need to go to your Privacy Settings and set your address line to “Only Me”.


  1. How do I update my profile?

You should update your contact details on your SPE.org profile. You can also add or change your Education and Employment, and Communication Preferences.

To add other interesting things about yourself such as a photo and bio, go to your SPE Connect profile. You can even import information from your LinkedIn account. Go to SPE Connect and click Profile from the blue toolbar. Your changes are automatic, but to see them, you’ll need to log out of SPE Connect and log back in.


  1. How do I search for someone by Section or Student Chapter?

1. From the Member Directory main page, click the tab for Advanced Search.
2. Scroll down the page to Section / Chapter and click the dropdown menu for Community Type. Select “Section” or “Chapter”.
3. Then click the dropdown menu for Community Name and select the name of the section or chapter.


  1. How do I contact someone I have found in the Member Directory?

To contact someone from the Member Directory, you must send a private message through SPE Connect. To send a private message, simply click the Send Message button to the right of the person’s details. This will send a message through SPE Connect as well as an email to their designated email address.


  1. How do I respond to a message that I have received through SPE Connect?

You can respond by going into SPE Connect and clicking Inbox at the top of the page. You can also respond directly to the email you receive at your designated email address.


  1. What browsers are recommended when accessing my profile or the Member Directory?

Recommended browsers include: Internet Explorer (8/9/10/11), Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Please enable/allow cookies and JavaScript.  

If you’re having difficulty viewing the Member Directory and have followed the above instructions, note that not all webpage display problems are caused by browser incompatibility. Interrupted internet connections, heavy traffic, viruses, spyware, and bugs can also affect how a webpage is displayed.


Don’t see an answer to your question here? Please contact speconnect@spe.org