QSPE Social Events

“Engineer Your Horizons: Health for Working Women” – the second Women in Energy Event

On Thursday 10th of November, Qatar Section which held its second Women in Energy Event at the Sheraton Hotel Doha, which was attended by many oil and gas professionals and students.

Working in a male dominating industry like oil and gas, women often put their health and eating habits as the last priority. As a result they might be hit with lifestyle, chronic and acute ailments like obesity, backache, hyper-tension, depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart, kidney disease and many others. 

As the work load increases, women put less attention on what they eat or how much physical activity they have resulting in productivity loss and poor health choices.

In order to assist working women and draw attention to this critical issue, SPE Qatar Section invited local health coaches and plant based vegans to share their stories and advise on a better and healthier life style alternatives for working women.

The speakers Mr. Ghanim Al-Sulaiti , Mrs. Saba Rahbar and Mrs Setareh Raeisi shared their amazing stories and presented methods of how to recover from unhealthy diets and gaining better eating habits resulting in overall healthier and more balanced lifestyle and increased working productivity as well as day to day performance.


“Young Professional Master Chef Competition” – the first Social Young Professionals in Energy Event

On Monday 25th of May Qatar Section held its first social Young Professionals in Energy Event “Young Professionals Master Chef Competition” at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha, which was attended by local oil and gas young professionals and students.
It was an excellent event for Young Professionals to network as well as to have a first-hand experience of working in an operational kitchen while preparing their own starters, main courses or desserts under guidance of a professional chef who taught them skills and techniques along the way. First, second and third place winners were selected by the Banquet Chef of the Hotel and then participants enjoyed the dinner they cooked. Winners were rewarded with prizes and all participants received Cooking Class Certificates.
“This was a great social opportunity for young professionals to network and gain some culinary skills while having a lot of fun along the way” said Mike Gunningham Program Chair of SPE Qatar Section, Head of Subsurface Support Team, Well, Reservoir & Facility Management Advisor of Maersk Oil Qatar.



Qatar Arch Geological trip 20th of February 2015

Qatar Geological Society (QGS) and SPE Qatar Section organized a half day geological trip – “Qatar Arch Geological Trip” on Friday the 20th of February 2015. It was a free event for SPE members.

The trip, as shown in the route map below, went across the Qatar Arch East to West and had 6 stops. There were 23 cars in the trip and 60 attendees.

More photos from the trip are shown below:

QSPE Social Sports Event March 1st 2014

On March 1st 2014  the QSPE organized a social sports day at Al-Dhakhira Beach . The all day event was organized as an effort of QSPE to provide more ground for its members to socialize and network in a fun and team environment. 23 members attended and took part in paddling .

QSPE Dhow Cruise ! Saturday, May 03 2014

On Saturday, May 03 , QSPE spent a nice day on Dhow Cruise . This was a nice opportunity to reunion and raise the team spirit.

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognizes Schlumberger as Essential Knowledge-Sharing Partner

Press Release

03 February 2014

University and Schlumberger set example of academia and industry collaboration

Texas A&M University at Qatar recognized Schlumberger as an essential knowledge-sharing partner and industry collaborator on 21 January at an event at the University's Engineering Building at Education City. The event also gratefully acknowledged Schlumberger's donation of a suite of software that enables the University's students to train and further improve their skills on reservoir modeling and history matching, as well as work on integrated solutions from exploration to production.

The recognition was part of a speaking engagement by Dr. Jeff Spath, the 2014 president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Schlumberger vice president for Industry Affairs.The longtime collaboration between the University and Schlumberger has focused on research, educational support and an exchange of expertise, especially in the areas of reservoir simulation and oil and gas production.