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2018 SPE President

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Darcy Spady
Broadview Energy/Asset Management 

Darcy W. Spady, the 2018 SPE president, is the first Canadian to have been elected to this position. Spady, managing director of Calgary-based Broadview Energy Asset Management, has been an active SPE member since graduating from university. Most recently, he served on the SPE International Board as regional director for Canada; he is also a member of the Vancouver and Calgary sections. Spady has held officer positions in the Calgary, Illinois Basin, and Appalachian sections. In 2012, he won a Regional Service Award for his work in the Canada region.

Spady has an extensive background in the natural gas, oil and heavy oil segments of the industry, having worked a decade for Schlumberger across North America in their wireline and pressure pumping segments, as well as with the Columbia Natural Resources/Triana Energy group in the Appalachians, Atlantic Canada and internationally. He has also served as CEO of Calgary-based Contact Exploration and more recently as head of sales for Sanjel Corporation.

SPE Qatar Section Chairperson

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Sh. Faisal Bin Fahad Al-Thani, Phd

Deputy Managing Director, Maersk Oil Qatar AS

Dr. Faisal Al-Thani is the Deputy Managing Director for Maersk Oil based in Doha, Qatar.   Prior this, he has held the position of Deputy General Manager seconded by Qatar Petroleum to Anadarko Qatar Energy,  BP and ARCO.  His background is in Petroleum Engineering and Project Finance Management.  He has published a number of papers in the area of Risk Management and has co-authored a book in Corporate Risk Management (first & second edition by Wiley publication) The author of A guide to Risk Assessment book . Chairman of the Qatar Society of Petroleum Engineers and Board member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers ( 2005-2009 ). Chairman of Doha petroleum club . manager of Maersk oil research and technology center Doha , Qatar .

Dr. Al-Thani is a Fulbright Scholar of the University of Colorado Boulder; holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from University of Tulsa; an MSc in Project Management from University of Bath; and a PhD in Project Finance in the oil & gas industry from Leeds University.  He has been involved in the oil and gas industry for the last 30 years having started as Wellsite Petroleum Engineer in Qatar Petroleum and have moved in various other functions including reservoir engineering and petroleum planning, economics and contracts.


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Mayur Pal

Programme Chair, SPE Qatar Section


Dr. Mayur Pal is currently Team Lead of Enhanced Oil Recovery Team at North Oil Company - Qatar Petroleum. Dr. Pal has over 14 years of industrial research experience. Previously he has worked for major companies like Exxon-Mobil,  Shell, and Maersk. Mayur has published over 40 technical articles in international Journals and Conferences. Mayur Pal has also led a number of joint industry research projects between industry and major universities and institutes like, Centre for Computational Technologies India, RERI-California, University of Texas A&M, Heriott-Watt University UK, SINTEF Research Institute Norway, and Swansea University UK. He holds a PhD in Applied Reservoir Simulation from Swansea University, UK, Licentiate in Computational Fluid Dynamics from KTH-Stockholm, Masters in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing from KTH-Stockholm, Sweden, and Bachelors in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee.

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