Mission & Jurisdiction

The purposes of the PD2A Technical Section shall be to serve as a catalyst to advance the profession, educate, engage, disseminate and promote development, adoption and application of rapidly emerging data-driven analytics technologies in the Energy section in general and Oil and Gas in particular. PD2A shall support initiatives to communicate the technology; orchestrate its nomenclature; and help define its value proposition.

PD2A shall ensure the technical rigour and relevance of the technology is appropriately represented in the Society’s activities, including technical disciplines, technical advisory committees, Advanced Technology Workshops, Forum Series events, Distinguished Lecturer program, conference technical sessions and YP activities.

Key objectives of PD2A include promoting cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members; liaising with others in the oilfield; and promoting activities in SPE publications. PD2A shall be the interface of SPE to academia and other professional organizations promoting the advancement of common shared technical interests. The technical section shall promote and maintain high professional standards among its members, through the sharing of best practices, lessons-learned and seek opportunities for standardization/automation where appropriate.

PD2A Technical section will encompass all aspects of practice, design, development and application of data-driven modelling, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, knowledge discovery, relevant mathematical computation, statistical modelling, simulation and inference, and optimization. PD2A’s jurisdictions include competency, operationalization, timeliness, accuracy, consistency, comprehensiveness fit-for-purpose of the advanced analytics applications development and deployment. The focus is on the applied nature of the technology to discover hidden knowledge and actionable insights. PD2A application areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploration and Appraisal
  • Production and Operations
  • Reservoir Description and Dynamics
  • Drilling and Completion
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Projects, Facilities and Construction
  • Unconventional Resources Development