Technical Dinner Meeting – High Definition Multiphase Flow Modelling

When:  Nov 20, 2018 from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Oslo Section
Technical Dinner Meeting – High Definition Multiphase Flow Modelling

: Restaurant Olivia Aker Brygge, Stranden 3, 0250 Oslo
Date and time: November 20, from 17:30 hrs 
Speaker: Dr. Dag Biberg, Advisor, Schlumberger
Topic: High Definition flow models in OLGA
Multiphase pipe flow simulators are essential for the design and operation of oil and gas fields worldwide. The outcome of the simulations is largely determined the approximation of friction forces, which is the biggest source of error in the predictions. For decades simulators have relied on simple friction factor correlations adapted from single-phase flow models, leading to large uncertainties in predictions and unreliable scale-up to field conditions.
The HD concept is based on a model for the cross-sectional velocity distribution, which in combination with rigorous balance equations give a consistent 3D flow description, in which the frictions are given by the velocity field as in a CFD model. Integrating the model over the pipe cross section prior to run time (pre-integrating) secures the simulation speed of a traditional 1D model.
This talk addresses the challenges involved in the flow model development and demonstrates how the pre-integrated HD models contain the essential physics and bridge the gap between 1D modelling and full 3D CFD.
Speakers bio:
Dag Biberg, Advisor, Schlumberger
2004 Dr. philos (PhD), Mathematical Modelling of Multiphase Pipe Flows, University of Oslo 1991 MSc in Fluid and Structural Mechanics, University of Oslo
2012-present: Advisor, Schlumberger
2007-2012: Chief Scientist, SPT Group
2004-2007: Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Energy Technology
1992-2004: Research Scientist, Institute for Energy Technology 1991-1992: Research Assistant, Marine Hydrodynamics, University of Oslo
Led the development of flow models for the multiphase pipe flow simulator OLGA in several joint industry projects including the Horizon JIPs. Managed the OLGA verification and improvement project (OVIP) a joint industry project sponsored by major oil companies worldwide (2008-2017). Developed the underlying idea for Horizon JIP: pre-integrated flow models. Invented the OLGA HD Stratified Flow Model, commercialized in 2010
Statoil-Hydro Research Prize 2008 for work on multiphase flow and transport20+ papers published in international journals and conferences proceedings
Referee work for International Journal of Multiphase Flow, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer and others


Olivia, Aker Brygge
Stranden 3
Oslo, 0250
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