• Chairman's Monthly Newsletter - Chad Senters - February 2018

    ​2018 is off to an excellent start.  I just returned from SPE’s Annual Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (HFTC) and it was an excellent event.  Attendance was higher than recent years and our Oklahoma City Section was well represented with several local authors presenting at the conference.  I am excited to see an increase in industry involvement from our section.  By getting approval to share your knowledge and experience not only does it help your company gain positive exposure within our industry it helps you develop communication skills in the form of writing and presenting.  Each SPE conference requires a paper for a presentation which is part of a “no paper, no podium” policy.  The paper is an excellent way to organize your thoughts on your project.  It is surprising how much this process can help you learn and answer questions you didn’t know to ask.  The process of making the paper also encourages reflection on past projects that may not have taken place without the deadline of a paper to nudge you in that direction.  You might be surprised at how much support you can receive from your company to take on a technical paper project but the support might only be permission to publish and words of encouragement.  Frequently technical publications are completed outside working hours or during that “free time” which we are really just stealing from something else we would rather be doing.  It is worth the effort to publish.  If you are ever interested in publishing a paper we can pair you up with an experienced author to help you with your abstract and suggest a conference for you. Check out our upcoming study groups and technical events in addition to our sporting clays league and Mardi Gras Gala coming up this month.  All events are posted on our website at http://connect.spe.org/okc/home .  If you can’t remember this website you can always Google “SPE OKC” and select the website from the search results. More
  • Chairman's Monthly Newsletter - Chad Senters - January 2018

    I hope everyone has enjoyed a nice holiday.  SPE in Oklahoma City has a lot happening as we kick off 2018.  Our upcoming events include a pistol league as well as a sporting clays league that we have hosted for many years.  If you have a chance to participate, the proceeds from these leagues help fund the scholarships that we award to high school seniors each year.  You can always ask if your company reimburses for participation in these industry events.  Many companies recognize the value in networking and will cover the registration.  If you are at all interested in participating, it never hurts to ask.  In addition to the sporting events we have our Mardi Gras Gala on February 10th.  I remember when I first took my wife to this event she was a little upset with me.  I said “what’s wrong dear” and she said in return “we have been in Oklahoma for all these years now and this is the first time we have attended this event!?!”  Don’t be like me, take your significant other to the Mardi Gras.  The event includes a nice dinner at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club followed by entertainment including casino style games and a silent auction to benefit Willow Springs Boys Ranch. In addition to these social events, we will be kicking off our study groups for the year.  Keep a lookout for events from our 5 study groups (Drilling, Completions, Production, Reservoir, and Environmental).  If you have any recommendations for topics/speakers we are all ears.  Please contact a board member and be prepared to provide the topic, abstract, bio and a headshot of the speaker if they are available.  We can also provide special study group meetings that don’t fit into the categories above.  These could be on soft skills, business development, whiskey tasting (wait, what!?!), etc. I wish everyone a safe and prosperous start to 2018. Best regards, Chad Senters More
  • Chairman's Monthly Newsletter - Chad Senters - November 2017

    ​​Several of our section officers, including myself, were able to attend the ATCE in San Antonio last month.  The conference was well attended and had an excellent technical program as always.  There were many opportunities to network with students and members from around the world and to share our knowledge and experiences.  One of the things we continue to receive positive feedback on is the free webinar we are providing to our members in Oklahoma City.  We also learned of some of the changes coming in the structure of SPE. One of the exciting changes announced is a newly created regional award for service.  The winner of this award will be a member who performs outstanding service to the community.  I am sure we all know someone that is applicable to receive this award.  Nominations are now open for all regional and international awards.  It is surprisingly easy to fill out an awards nomination.  A couple of sentences is all it takes to get the process started and the nominee will then provide the requested details.  If you know someone that deserves to be recognized on a regional or international level and don’t feel you have the time to fill out a nomination or would like to avoid talking to a potential nominee directly we can help.  Just email me or any of our section officers with the name of the person you would like to nominate and why and we’ll take care of the rest.  The deadline to submit an international award nomination is February 15th and the deadline for regional awards is March 1st. The SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference will start January 23rd of2018.  The conference is held in the Woodlands each year and showcases fracturing and completions technical content as well as networking opportunities.  In addition to our OKC oil and gas bi-annual symposium (formerly known as the POS) the HFTC, URTEC, and ATCE are great conferences to showcase your technical skills.  There are additional technical events that can be found on spe.org under “call for papers” as well.  We are always pleased to see how many of the OKC SPE section members have written and presented papers at these conferences.  Have you considered writing a paper for a conference or technical journal and have any questions on where to start, what it requires, etc.?  Let one of our officers know and we can pair you with one of our paper writing mentors to guide you through the process.  There is no charge for the mentorship but BEWARE, we might call you up and ask you to present your topic at one of our local technical events. Please be safe as we continue to increase activity and train employees who are new to our industry and have a great week. Chad Senters  405-312-9239 (c) Chad.senters@corelab.com More


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