Future Trailblazers

The Oklahoma City SPE Future Trailblazers is a mentoring program designed to reward top engineering students with a local mentor that will help them transition academic success into professional success. With record undergraduate enrollment and an aging workforce, the need for industry engagement is at an all-time high.

Why is mentoring important?

  • Accelerates acclimation to the industry
  • Allows for better informed choices
  • Helps in identifying skill gaps
  • Transfers knowledge of career success factors

As a mentor, the time requirement is minimal. You will only be asked to participate in two scheduled event each semester. Students will have one-on-one access to their mentors throughout the school year by phone or email and, if schedules permit, then in-person meetings are encouraged.

What types of things will be asked of you by your mentee?

  • Examples from your professional experience 
  • Information regarding trends within the industry 
  • Assistance with developing career goals 
  • Details about your career path 
  • Explanation of a typical work week or day 
  • Job interview tips and/or developing/reviewing resumes 
  • Additional job training you have pursued

Students who are selected for this program will be expected to exhibit a ‘pay it forward’ attitude of mentoring the next generation of industry professionals through their interactions and relationships with underclassmen on campus. SPE believes that by doing this, we can sustain a rich culture of producing leaders in the petroleum industry.

Please contact Trevor Ingle at trevor.ingle@dvn.com if you are interested in participating or sponsoring this new program.

Future Trailblazers Program Summary
Mentor Information Sheet