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  • SPE-OKC Study Group (Production focused)

    Thursday, June 27, 2019, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT
    SPE-OKC Production Study Group June 27th, 11:30 to 1:00 Twin Hills Golf and CC Cost is $25 and includes a buffet lunch Speaker: Matt Young, Flowco Production Solutions Discussion Topic: Max Lift-HP Gas Lift System Abstract: Abstract:  The Max Lift-HP gas lift system details the comparison between conventional gas lift system applications, and high pressure/Annular Flow gas lift system application. The Max Lift-HP gas lift system application provides for a further reduction in Flowing Bottomhole Pressure (FBHP) and increases in overall liquid production, in comparison to the conventional gas lift system application. The study results of the Max Lift -HP gas lift system was conducted in the Permian Basin during Quarter 1 of 2018. The presentation outlines five different application types for gas lift. This includes tubing flow gas lift, the gas lift equipment, design considerations and, FBHP comparisons between conventional gas lift system applications and Max Lift-HP gas lift system application. Annular flow gas lift (Tubing inside casing) is also compared to tubing flow gas lift and explains the difference in FBHP when flowing surface area is increased by utilizing annular flow gas lift. Hybrid gas lift application highlights the ability to convert from annular flow to tubing flow gas lift without the need for pulling the tubing and reworking the gas lift system. The Max Lift-HP gas lift system application equipment and design parameters are detailed in the presentation. Design comparisons with calculated FBHP and production rates are shown to illustrate the difference in overall liquid production that resulted from the Q1 study in the Permian Basin. Outcomes and lessons learned discuss proper selection and compressor sizing, surface facility considerations, and proper sizing of the gas lift equipment.   Speaker Bio: Matt Young is the Technical Sales Manager for Flowco Production Solutions. After graduating from Texas A&M he started his career with BJ Services as a field engineer in the cementing division in Hobbs, New Mexico. After leaving BJ Services, Matt joined International Lift Systems (ILS) as a Field Service Technician, for the gas lift and plunger lift product line, for three years before ILS was acquired by Lufkin Industries. During the Lufkin/ILS acquisition he moved into the Mid-Continent Operations manager, handling gas lift and plunger lift technical support, and installation. Matt was promoted into the North American Operations and Sales Manager with Lufkin and continued in that position through the GE Oil & Gas acquisition. After a year with GE he left to join Flowco. Matt has worked on gas lift and plunger lift installs and optimization projects throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Louisiana oil and gas fields. Working a brief stint in Canada and MENA with various technical and sales positions. He is a member of the SPE.

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