Bulk Dues


  • Pay for all of your SPE members in one invoice.
  • Stop processing numerous expense reports.
  • Reduce multiple bank fees and currency conversions.
  • Receive a receipt to match the invoice.
  • Include journal subscriptions.
  • Help ensure your members stay active in SPE.
  • If possible, host a membership drive and submit multiple new members at one time.

How to set up Bulk Dues:

  • Visit SPE Bulk Dues website
  • Receive a confirmation email and access to the site from a new link added to your spe.org profile page.
  • Review your list of members, and make any additions or deletions.
  • When satisfied with your list, the system will generate an invoice to submit with payment
  • For SPE assistance:
  • SPE must receive all payments on or before the 29th of December to allow for processing time and prevent a lapse in member benefits.
  • Add bulkdues@spe.org to your safe-sender email list so all future communications will not be caught in your Spam filters.
  • Something to keep in mind when using this service to renew existing memberships that you are paying for anyone that is registered as an employee of your company. It would be in your best interest to request a list of current members shown to be employed by your company to verify you are not paying dues for someone no longer with your company.