Petroleum Technology Luncheon - November 9th

The next Petroleum Technology Luncheon is on Tuesday, November 9th.

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Presentation: 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Geothermal Reservoir Engineering with a Focus on California’s Geothermal Resources

Dr. Birendra Jha,

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California has a special place in the geothermal energy map of US and the world; after all, it is home to worlds’ largest geothermal field, The Geysers.

Both geothermal energy and oil and gas production are sourced from the subsurface, however one is considered renewable and the other is fossil fuel. The two subjects, and the respective industries, have many aspects in common whether it is the fundamental of reservoir engineering and geomechanics or use of wireline logs for formation evaluation. In this talk, I will talk about similarities and differences between oil production and geothermal energy extraction, especially in the context of California, which has a been a strong player in both areas. Focus will be drawn to recent advances in modeling and monitoring of geothermal reservoirs which have become invaluable tools for ensuring successful and sustainable development of both natural and enhanced geothermal systems.


Birendra Jha is an assistant professor of petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California, where his lab ( conducts research in fluid flow and mechanical deformation processes to better forecast the performance and hazards of subsurface engineering operations such as oil production, geothermal energy extraction, CO2 sequestration, and groundwater remediation in stress-sensitive rocks.

His research has been funded by the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society, and energy companies. Prior to an academic career, Birendra worked for about seven years in the oil industry as a reservoir engineer. Birendra received his masters and PhD from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively.