Petroleum Technology Luncheon - November 10th

The next Petroleum Technology Luncheon is on Tuesday November 10th.

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Presentation: 12:00-1:00 PM

SPE California Sustainability Study Group Webinar
"Revolutionary New Materials and Products From Oil"

Ramon Elias
Santa Maria Energy


As the world begins an Energy Transition—away from burning fossil fuels for energy—we need to remember the other critical use of petroleum: as a primary source for products and materials (e.g. plastics, paints, synthetic textiles) critical to modern society. In fact, our need for these petroleum-based products is growing faster than our need for petroleum fuel. And the emerging demand for precursors used to produce revolutionary new carbon-based substances like carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene is driving demand even higher.

Ramon Elias will present his paper, “Revolutionary Products And Materials From Heavy Oil That Producers, Investors, Consumers And Regulators Should Know About” (SPE-200850-MS) – which includes:

  • Examples of the numerous incredible new carbon-based products and materials that are advancing and growing;
  • Discussion of known processes used to make the needed material precursors from petroleum:
  • Evidence and data that show refinery yields are shifting from fuels to carbon-based material precursors;
  • Exciting research underway on new carbon-based materials now underway; and
  • Discussion on why lower API gravity, or higher density petroleum known as heavy oil, could be a preferred source of carbon-based material precursors.

The discussion presented will cause some to step back and reassess the continued importance of crude oil resources and their emerging new uses in today’s world.


Ramon Elias, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Santa Maria Energy
Ramon Elias is a California resident, engineer, scientist, inventor, and business owner. His career spans over 47 years in the oil industry with significant roles in business, engineering and research working on projects in the U.S., the Western Hemisphere and other parts of the World. He has authored over 25 technical publications and been awarded U.S. patents. He is a co-founder and executive officer of Santa Maria Energy, LLC., has been a SPE member since 1973 and loves to drive very fast, energy-efficient cars.

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